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CD: Lumières

CD 1

Thomas Adès
1.  Arcadiana19'45"
Rico Gubler
2.  Fal7'04"
Hans Huyssen
3.  Responsorium4'54"
Juraj Hatrík
4.  The Girl and the Tree14'23"
Lars Graugaard
5.  To Forget You is to Forget My Nam22'12"

CD 2

Jean-Luc Darbellay
1.  Lumières11'07"
Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
2.  Territorial Song13'04"
Clarence Mak
3.  The Shining Sunset8'47"
Isabel Soveral
4.  Anamorphoses III11'12"
Ivo Medek
5.  Ancient Stories11'40"
Zhu Jian-er
6.  Yu (Jade)14'05"

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