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CD: Lux

Luxembourg Sinfonietta
Guy Goethals - saxophone, Nadine Kauffmann - saxophone, Jean-Phillipe Vivier - clarinette, Emmanuel Chaussade - clarinette basse, Pascal Schumacher - percussion, Egidius Streiff - violon, Mariana Doughty - viola, Tobias Moster - violoncelle, Maurizio Spiridigliozzi - accordéon, Patrick Krysatis - tuba, Marcel Wengler - direction

Lisa Reim
1.  Tiger's cry7'27"
Luca Vanneschi
2.  Maqam5'37"
Pierre Couprie
3.  ainsi. toujours, vers l'azur...9'03"
Tony K.T. Leung
4.  Seven Trumpets of the Seven Angels7'03"
Lars Graugaard
5.  Fractured Waves5'13"
Jean-Luc Darbellay
6.  Lux4'48"
Andreas Pflüger
7.  Contrasts5'46"
Serban Nichifor
8.  La Nuit Obscure9'00"

Concert Live Recording
Laurent Watgen Music Productions

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